This seems to be also the key to enter the universe of artistic Francesco Toraldo. Son of art (his father Enzo is one of the most respected artists of our time), rebellious to the rules of the academy and reviewed by critics of Vittorio Sgarbi caliber, will be in Pescara, host of the musical review “Pescara Jazz” and then of ‘Ente Pescara events, from’ 11 to 24 July with the exhibition “Red Jazz” (at the theater-monument “d’Annunzio). an art, its, coming out from any attempt to be channeled into the rails of a pictorial current , which apparently stands as heir to the Fauves that his chromaticism but then live visual insights Expressionism and do not forget the lesson of the avant-gardes. Figures just mentioned and shaken by jazz musicians, naked and sporting women, are fading on the canvas between neurotic signs and violent strokes of spatula, antithetical between primary colors and color effects. a technical contrast in pictures results in harmony and that allows you to mark Toraldo his figures with an intense emotional charge. A.D.L.

Article published on: on 02/07/2005.

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