con mio padre dicembre 1981Francesco Toraldo started to show interest in painting after spending some time in his father’s, Enzo, studio as he was also a painter and taught his son the basic principles and elements of art.

He took inspiration from the past century artists borrowing both the chromatisms of the “fauve” painting and the attention to the visual and figurative details which were typical of the Post War German Expressionism.

At the end of the 80’s, after moving to Sicily, the painter started to work for some important art galleries.

His passion for jazz music, theme which often recurred in his paintings, would lead the President of Pescara Jazz Festival to invite him to hold a solo exhibition during the festival in 2005.

In 2007 Toraldo held a solo exhibition in the rooms of the “Mole Vanvitelliana” in Ancona on the occasion of the XXIX° edition of the Ancona Jazz Summer Festival.

foto 1 (2)In 2008 new sports themes such as basketball, skiing, tennis and surfing enriched Toraldo’s paintings and these were just the themes which interested the Organizing Committee of the “Giochi del Mediterraneo”, that were held in Pescara in 2009.

As a result he was asked to prepare a collection of paintings representing the various sports activities which were held in occasion of the games and, for this reason, Pescara celebrated the collaboration with Toraldo.

In June the MAS Art Museum (Museo d’Arte Dello Splendore) in Giulianova dedicated a solo exhibition to the artist entitled “Da New Orleans a Pechino: passioni a confronto”.

In December the “La Rufa” Art Academy in Rome hosted his solo exhibition entitled “Toraldo e i grandi della musica italiana tra informale e figurazione”, which was born out of a collaboration with the song writer Amedeo Minghi, who wrote a preface to the catalogue introducing Toraldo’s collection of 40 paintings on the best Post War Italian musicians.

In 2010 he participated in the 4th edition of the BANCARTIS Project in Calabria, at the Cadorna Hall in the business district of BBc Mediocrati in Rende, where Toraldo’s oil painting “Buster  Williams” was presented. This painting was an anticipation of the exhibit that the MACA (Contemporary Art Museum – Acri) would have dedicated to the artist in March 2011.

In 2011 Toraldo’s social obligation led him to collaborate with Francien Giraudi, the chairwoman of the “Les Enfants de Frankie”, an organization which was the first European Embassy dealing with the precarious conditions of children.

He also collaborated with several foreign art galleries.

The “Federiciana Academy of Science, Literature and Art” of Catania, which promoted the solo exhibitions of the best exponents of contemporary art, showed great interest in his paintings as well as other esteemed critics and artists such as Carlo Roselli, Anna Caterina Bellati, Alessandra Redaelli, Paolo Levi, Moisè Eugenio Asta, Amedeo Minghi and Vittorio Sgarbi.

francesca romanaIn 2012 Toraldo separated from the actress Nadia Rinaldi who he got married to in 2010 and who bore him a daughter, Francesca Romana Toraldo.

It is a difficult period in the family sphere and emotional artist. But, Toraldo draws from his own suffering the strength and reason of his artistic inspiration, his work is itself a panacea and sublimation of his turmoil. Almost a superstitious game, in spite of so much darkness inside his painting comes to life with new colors. But it is above all an encounter with his current girlfriend Rosanna to have suggested to him new perspective lines that animate a new light on his life and that can not but be reflected in his most recent works.

So that the mature artist the decision to reside permanently in Sicily in a historic glimpse – art unique in the world: Agrigento.

The new Toraldo brings excitement to begin a period of intensive and laborious experimentation. Continue to work on the paper, after many years, that amuses him and makes him free.

By his own statement “on paper my language is free from any rhetoric and the sign does not account for any rational principle”,

They are interested in the work of Francesco Della Toraldo many critics and prominent artists including among others: Charles Roselli, Anna Caterina Bellati, Alessandra Redaelli, Paul Levi, Moses Eugenio Auctions, Amedeo Minghi and Vittorio Sgarbi with many reviews about the artist.


“Arte Pentafoglio” award (IV Edition) 2014

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