-A Energy! These two words sum up alone Both the character and his work. Francesco’s all Toraldo. An Italian artist (He Was born in 1960 in Catanzaro and lives and works in Sicily) Who comes today, entre trips, we present His paintings on the walls of the Daudet gallery in Toulouse. At home, no matter attention to detail or likeness, no need to try to Identify the characters. What he wants is to simply remove the subject for the benefit of ict intensity, show us the only play of colors of the Treaty (scratched) and movement, all the tension That Emerges from a character in action, whether musician, boxer, “Matilde in her bath “naval hero jockey or bullfighter. Then the colors explode to life and we splash. As if Francesco Toraldo wanted to show us, through painting, He Was more Italian than All Those Italians who, to express Themselves, already know so well add the Action to the Word. And his painting, wonderfully Dramatized, is striking

Article published in: La Dépêche du Midi